Contrary to what you may think, complaints are very useful when figuring out solutions to timeshare fraud. At Wesley Financial, complaints about timeshare fraud help us help you. Talking about your issues is one of the ways that you can take a stand against timeshare fraud. More importantly, talking about your timeshare fraud issues is one way that you can stand up for yourself.

Understanding Wesley Financial's complaints

Standing Up for Yourself & Standing Up Against Timeshare Fraud

Although it may seem difficult, it is possible to overcome timeshare fraud. At Wesley Financial, complaints you share about your timeshare experience can help us fight timeshare fraud for you. At Wesley Financial, we aim to make your timeshare fraud situation easier, by eradicating it altogether. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll do the fighting for you. In the meantime, you can focus on standing up for yourself and getting yourself back on track. Timeshare fraud can knock you off your feet, and we want to you get back standing where you were.

In an article written by Deep Patel, Patel recommends, “10 Powerful Ways to Stand Up for Yourself in Any Situation.” While we’re fighting to cancel your timeshare contract, you may want to consider what Patel recommends while you’re getting back on your feet. We’ll look at 6 out of the 10 recommendations that can be useful to those in the midst of timeshare issues.

Patel begins, “Every day we make dozens of little choices that either benefit us by asserting our ideas or diminish us because we hesitate in making our views or desires known.

Sometimes it seems easier to go with the flow to avoid potential conflict. But the truth is that letting people walk all over you can increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and it might eventually lessen your feelings of self-worth and play to your insecurities. Learning to stand up for yourself will help you take charge of your life, believe in your own power and embolden you to reach for your dreams. The stronger you feel, the stronger you will become.” (Patel, 2017). Patel then proceeds to highlight 10 ways that we can assert ourselves more. We’ll take a look at 6 of the 10 ways below.

At Wesley Financial, complaints by victims of fraud inspire us to help.

“Practice being transparent and authentic.”

Patel states, “It might be difficult at times, but if you learn to express yourself openly and honestly, it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. So often, we hide behind a halfhearted smile and nod instead of saying what we think. It takes practice but learning to be authentic and open about what you are feeling or thinking is the first step. Once you get in the habit of making yourself heard without being overly accommodating or defensive, people will be more open to hearing from you.” (Patel, 2017). Patel’s first recommendation may hit home for those who are born people-pleasers. Unfortunately, timeshare fraudsters may target anyone who comes in their path, and this includes people-pleasers.

Call Wesley Financial, complaints are like taking steps to overcome timeshare fraud.

“Take small but powerful steps.”

The article continues, “If you are struggling with being assertive, start taking small steps to stand up for yourself. Even just learning to walk more confidently—head held high, shoulders back—will help you appear and feel more confident. Channel that confidence when dealing with others. This attitude can apply to all areas of your life.” (Patel, 2017).

Contacting Wesley Financial to help you overcome timeshare fraud is definitely one step in the direction of being more assertive, in addition to what Patel states. Remember, at Wesley Financial, complaints about your timeshare issues can help us figure out what happened when you were taken advantage of. What you may perceive as a complaint may actually be a useful fact that you can share with us.

“When someone attacks, wait them out.”

Patel recommends, “As you grow more confident in expressing yourself, you’re also going to have to learn to face those who want to override you. There will always be people whose personalities are set to attack mode. It’s important that you remain calm but assertive if you feel like someone is trying to bully you. Don’t allow yourself to get frazzled or react with low blows. Don’t cater to them or allow them to browbeat you either. Walk the high road but stand your ground.” (Patel, 2017). If you’ve been bulldozed by a timeshare sales representative, then this piece of advice may ring very true. It’s hard to brush off what may have happened when you were taken advantage of by a timeshare sales representative. Yet, stay focused on the future. By contacting Wesley Financial, complaints about your timeshare issues will disappear as we help you get the solution that you need.

“Figure out what’s really bothering you.”

The article continues, “Going with the flow for the purposes of not making waves actually creates more stress and anxiety for yourself. Of course, mustering the courage to face something or someone that is bothering you can feel scary. But facing the issue will empower you to make it better and diminishes the control it has over you. Remember, people can’t read your mind; if you don’t vocalize what is bothering you, no one will know.” (Patel, 2017). By reaching out to us at Wesley Financial, complaints regarding your timeshare problems will fade away, but you need to reach out to us first. Having the courage to face your timeshare issues, and reaching out to us for help, is a great step in the right direction.

“Stand up for your time.”

Patel’s next step is important when we take a look at all the time that may be wasted worrying about timeshare problems or trying to fight them alone. Patel states, “Time is a precious and limited commodity, and yet we often feel pressured to give it away when we have the ability to say no…You are in control of your own time. Push back when it’s appropriate, or tactfully disengage from those people or situations that submerge your schedule.” (Patel, 2017). Having Wesley Financial take care of your timeshare problems is a great way to show how you value your time. By letting us take care of your timeshare woes at Wesley Financial, complaints about your timeshare problems stealing your precious time can be a thing of the past.

“Fake it till you make it.”

Finally, Patel states, “Learning to stand up for yourself won’t happen overnight. It takes time to grow comfortable with being assertive. While you are in the learning stage, it might help to imagine that you are an actor learning to play a new role.” (Patel, 2017). In addition, when you seek help from Wesley Financial for your timeshare problems, you have a shoulder to lean on while you work on other areas of your life that are far more important.

Patel finishes by saying, “Imagine that you are the most assertive person you know. How would they handle themselves in a difficult situation? There might be times when you swing from being overly zealous to being too indecisive. Learning to stand up for yourself is like riding a bike: Eventually, you will find the right balance.” (Patel, 2017). With help from Wesley Financial, complaints about your timeshare issues can be erased. Let us help you with any timeshare issues. Stand up for yourself and reach out to us today.

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