Wesley Financial Group & The Timeshare Advocacy Industry: Now is the Time

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World? Have you ever been to the Magic Kingdom? Do you recall a ride in Tomorrowland called Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress? This is one of the original rides in Walt Disney World. Fans of Walt Disney World’s Carousel of Progress remember the theme song of the ride from the 1970s -1990s. The previous theme song of the ride Carousel of Progress is titled, “The Best Time of Your Life”. The lyrics were, “Now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life.” The song played every time the ride switched to the next decade. As you move further and further along each era and watch the family progress, you see how much easier and better life gets with each passing decade.

Studies show that we are living in the best time. Now actually is the best time to be alive. Of course, some of us have nostalgia for days past, but when we look at how far we’ve comWesley Financial: Classic Clock 10:49e, it is an extraordinary time to be alive. As now is such a great time to be alive, we can see that with the increasingly positive living conditions worldwide, as well as the increase in transparency for businesses. At Wesley Financial Group, we are excited to see that things are moving forward in all arenas worldwide, including the timeshare advocacy industry. Now, people aren’t stuck with a timeshare that wasn’t what they thought it would be or told it would be.

Why It is the Best Time to Be Alive

So why is it the best time to be alive? An article from BBC looked at the topic, and stated, “Apart from an increase in living standards, such improvements mean that we are, in turn, better placed to solve the 21st Century’s problems. “These conditions create an ideal habitat for ideas and genius to flourish, and that flourishing is well under way,” write Goldin and Kutarna. “Science and technology has never been closer to flipping our basic condition from scarcity to abundance.” (Fisher, 2016). At Wesley Financial Group, we strive to help our clients achieve what they desire and to not live with any doubt, insecurity, or fear. It is an extraordinary time to be alive today in a world where good conditions are on the rise for everyone.

Other sources had additional comments and articles on the matter of why now is the best time to be alive. According to Business Insider, “…humans are actually more safe, wealthier, healthier, more free, less hungry, and more literate than ever before, Johan Norberg argues in his book Progress.” (Heilpern, 2016). The article provides a list of reasons given as to why it is the best time to be alive.

For those of you who disagree consider this:

“Norberg, an author, and lecturer in economic globalization says that the key reason we are so anxious about the state of the world is that we are sharing information so much more quickly through 24-hour news channels and the internet. When a natural disaster or a mass murder happened in a foreign country in the past, we would not read about it in a newspaper until a week later. “By then it would be solved, it would be over,” Norberg told Business Insider. “We would be sad about it, but then we would turn to the next page.” “Now we can see what is happening live, we don’t know how things will end, ” he added. “That triggers our fight or flight instincts — it gives us the sense that everything is falling apart in the world right now.” Norberg explained that this sense of doom is misplaced.” (Heilpern, 2016). One of the best and more positive components of instant information is the necessity of businesses to be transparent and good to their clients. At Wesley Financial Group, we sometimes have to deal with businesses that are not transparent and have wronged our clients.

Instant Information Means Transparency: Transparency on the Rise in Business Culture

Wesley Financial: Cold Frost SphereAccording to an article in Entrepreneur, “Transparency in business requires entrepreneurs to remain open and informative about key points of information, including their business’s goals, history, performance, and operations. And it’s a goal that’s risen in importance and continues to do so.” (Alton, 2017). As information regarding companies can spread like lightening, it is essential that they not only do good to their clients but act in a way that coincides with the honest requirements of today. In yesteryear, it may have been easier to do some clients wrong and get away with it, but not anymore. In the timeshare advocacy industry, we have seen what clients have gone through when it comes to dishonesty in the timeshare industry.

“All businesses that want to build and/or retain the trust of their customers should be working to improve transparency. But, what does the future of transparency hold? Will there be a counter-reaction by businesses trying to remain closed and secretive? Or will all businesses continue growing ever more transparent until all information on all companies is public information?” (Alton, 2017). The question remains, will things continue to get better. Only time will tell. But the instant availability of information and the changing of business culture for the better gives us at Wesley Financial Group hope.

“Consumer demand has only increased over time, so it seems unlikely that transparency will fade from the American consumer’s priority list any time soon. If anything, the demands of transparency will only increase as we become more closely connected. Your business needs to be prepared.” (Alton, 2017).

This statement is a harbinger of good things to come. As it becomes more commonplace to become transparent, business who doesn’t already need to step up to the plate. This means businesses in the timeshare industry as well. At Wesley Financial Group, we think it is imperative that businesses continue to be open and honest to their clients. In the timeshare advocacy industry, we see so many individuals who come to us because of dishonest business practices. These businesses are often not transparent. But the progress of today and the technological advances made available increase the necessity of businesses to move forward with the times. People aren’t going to take it anymore. They won’t take being lied to by businesses with less than savory values.

Wesley Financial Group

As advocates in the timeshare advocacy industry, Wesley Financial Group celebrates the positive changes of today and the good things that lie ahead. Now is the best time to be alive. Things are getting better. People and businesses are getting more honest and trustworthy every day. However, at Wesley Financial Group, we understand that there are still past wrongs that need to be addressed, and there will still be some battles that need to be fought for our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation if you have been wronged in the timeshare industry. As timeshare advocates, we can review your situation and see if there is anything that can be done on your behalf.

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