Wesley Financial: Finding Your Voice Against Timeshare Fraud

Afraid to speak up? You’re not alone. Perhaps you’re one of many who are introverted. A lot of the time introverts break into a cold sweat when they are confronted with meeting new people. In addition, they tend to dislike public speaking. On the other hand, maybe you are an excellent speaker but have had to teach yourself to be that way. Deep down, you are quite an introvert, but you knew that you had to create a mask of “extroversion”. Often times introverts like to avoid confrontation at all costs. At Wesley Financial, we open our arms to both introverts, extroverts, and even ambiverts! (Ambiverts are people who possess characteristics of both introverts and extroverts.) Our own company is a mixture of all three, and so are all of our clients.

Introverts & The Timeshare Industry

Wesley Financial: Sitting By the LakeIf you are an introvert, perhaps you dread being approached by salespeople. You don’t want to offend them, but you don’t know how to make them go away. It might be in your nature to agree to anything just to get them to go away, or for you to get the opportunity to escape. When we look at timeshare sales tactics, often times they are not only high-pressure, but also deceptive. The question becomes: In environments or businesses where high-pressure sales tactics are all too common, are introverts more likely to be victimized in fraud? In the timeshare industry, where high-pressure and deceitful sales practices run rampant, are introverts more likely than others to be taken advantage of?

It seems like the answer would be a resounding “yes”. Looking into common traits of introverts often churns up information about how they are non-confrontational and will avoid confrontations at all costs. Is there anything to be done about confrontation, especially for those who try to avoid it? Perhaps there is a different way to approach confrontation, which is an unavoidable part of life. In an article published by Forbes, by Kathy Caprino, Caprino explores the ways in which to approach, ” 5 Steps to Fearless Confrontation”. Caprino starts the article with the following caveat:

“For the record, I’m defining confrontation here not as aggressive or angry conflict, but as the act of facing something or someone that needs to be addressed head on – directly and proactively.

I’ve found that many of us (particularly women) dread confrontation, or certainly go to extreme lengths to avoid it.  We do so for numerous reasons, including:

  • We have painful memories of past confrontations gone awry
  • We don’t want to be confronted for fear of being “found out” (that we’re doing something wrong or have disappointed others)
  • It’s difficult to assert ourselves in heavily power-laden or political environments (like many of our workplaces)
  • We find it hard to master our emotions effectively when we’re talking about something challenging or fear-inducing
  • We second-guess, question and doubt ourselves regarding our grounds and motives for confrontation
  • We (again, particularly women) don’t want to be seen as “mean” or challenging
  • We’d rather it just “work out” magically”. (Caprino, 2013).

In the list of reasons, she presented, you may find yourself saying “Yes, that’s I what do”, to a few of them. Caprino continues, “Regardless of our reluctance to confront tough issues or challenging people, we need to. We can’t advance, succeed, or grow without confrontation.  Engaging in productive confrontation paves the way for diversity of thought, developing healthy boundaries, arriving at new, innovative approaches, better decision-making, and challenging the status quo, all of which are essential if we want to thrive in our lives and work.” (Caprino, 2013).

Yes, it’s true, there is healthy confrontation. We can grow as people with productive confrontation, but what about confrontations that are not so healthy? The kind of confrontation that Caprino doesn’t necessarily discuss, but her list of reasons for avoiding confrontation are still applicable to. What about confrontation and timeshare fraud?

Confrontation and Timeshare Fraud

How often have you been on vacation and have been confronted with either purchasing a timeshare or upgrading if you already own a timeshare? Probably at least once. It is doubtless there will beWesley Financial: Business Man With Beard times in our lives when we may nearly fall into the timeshare charade. While dangling near that precipice, some of us may be able to stand up and walk out. But for those who avoid confrontation and will agree to anything, what are they to do? What do you do if you’ve been so anxious that you were duped in a timeshare? You contact Wesley Financial. Our team at Wesley Financial can help you if you have fallen victim to the timeshare trap.

Some of our clients have been introverts and some have been extroverts; either way, we’ll help you the best that we can. We understand that it may be difficult for you to confront a timeshare company about the scam, and that’s okay. That’s why you hire us. Our job is to confront timeshare companies about their fraudulent activities. It’s not the first time we’ve had to confront them before. At Wesley Financial, we’ve been fighting for our clients since 1989, and we’re going to continue the fight until timeshare companies stop taking advantage of consumers. The deception needs to stop in the timeshare industry. Until then, we’ll be the ones you can count on if you’ve been duped.

Wesley Financial Cares

If you are an introvert, it may even seem daunting to ask for help with your timeshare dilemma. However, once you’ve reached out to us about your timeshare problems, we can help you get things back on track. Our team at Wesley Financial is there so you don’t have to do the work yourself. When you come to Wesley Financial for help, we want to hear your side of the story. We want you to feel comfortable talking to us. We won’t judge you. We care about our clients and understand that being taken advantage of by a timeshare company can be very upsetting. It can be hard to deal with what has happened, and it can be even harder to confront those who have taken advantage of you. That’s why you contact Wesley Financial, so you don’t have to do any of that work.

At Wesley Financial, we care about our clients. It is a terrible thing that timeshare fraud still exists today. As said earlier, we’ve been fighting for our clients since 1989, and we’re not going to stop fighting for those who have been taken advantage of until the deception stops. As leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we want to relieve our client’s burdens. If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, contact our offices to talk to a member of our team. We can help you reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare. No matter the root of the timeshare fraud, don’t feel like you have to deal with it alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for more information on how we can help you.

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